our roots

From my mother, widowed neighbor to Claude Monet, Flowers have been in my life from a child. I didn't come from a big farm but lived on the edge of a small town in Northwest Ohio. (Pioneer, Ohio) 

The youngest daughter, I would go out in the plowed field and play in the dirt. I would move the sod around and create my imaginary  home with a full blown garden outside of it.  

I helped in the garden with my mother, weeding and harvesting the produce. Once a week, I would visit my lovely neighbor Mary Reifle and we would go out to her flower garden to weed, cut and arrange flowers. Even when Mary was getting to old to garden, I would go and keep her garden in order, taking a bouquet of  flowers for her to enjoy.

My parents garden was vegetables but Mary's was always flowers. As I grew up and had a family of my own . I always put in a garden and donned my home with flowers. I loved pulling the weeds and would marvel at the production of beauty and sustainability.

Even when my lot was as big as a postage stamp. I created a garden in the shape of sunflower petals. The older I get the more passionate I get about flowers. In 2015, I bought the farm of my dreams. It is shy of 23 acres with approximately 15 acres being tillable land. My mission is to grow  beautiful,sustainable flowers and produce at a price that is affordable . What joy it brings to my heart and many others that receives a bouquet of flowers from Rooster Ridge Farms LLC.  I know I am assisting many who are looking for that clean produce without worrying about side affects from the chemicals used in large farms or in foreign countries so their product is bigger and no imperfections. It all comes with a cost . 

For myself I have caved to eating what is in the grocery store because there was no other place to turn that was affordable. Today I am going to  offer you a place to turn to for any floral needs or garden produce.  Brides come visit. I am an artist and the bouquets are created for you and your desires. 

Flowers say much more then words sometimes.Contact me and with a few questions I can create the right bouquet that says exactly what you are trying to say! . Trust me for your special moments in life. (Birth of a baby,  special anniversary,  party, funeral, or just because)

I would suggest getting involved in my CSA. Community Supported Agriculture,(CSA) is where you support a local farm, get to know me, your local farmer, enjoy weekly to bi-weekly deliveries  of fresh produce or bouquets of flowers. You can rest easy that you are supporting a farm with a purpose/cause respecting the land that continuously gives back to us. 

A flower CSA works the same way as popular vegetable CSAs. A member typically joins in the winter/early spring before the growing season starts. Their payment helps our farm buy seeds and other supplies for the year.

I want to tend to the earth like it is a child of mine. Just like that child it flourishes with such beauty and wonderment. The products grown from this land nourishes our bodies and our souls.  My mission is to raise the flowers and vegetables in a sustainable way.  No pesticides or chemicals are used that could counter affect the symbiotic relationship of nature.

Healthy, happy flowers and soil leads to healthy, happy owners of my farms products. If it is flowers, edible flowers, farm produce such as vegetables and fruit or free range eggs or organic meat chickens I try my hardest for it to be healthy for you and healthy in a natural way!